How to market a good mobile application you have made?

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September 28, 2016
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October 25, 2016

It is difficult to imagine that there are more than 1,500,000 mobile apps in the market now. Just creation of a good mobile app is not sufficient. It has to be marketed smartly and until you have marketed it well, it is not going to get sold according to your expectations. Here are few tips on how to market mobile apps:

Launch it big: As morning tells the day so you should focus on launch of your mobile app as a priority. Media channels can play an important role on this issue. Publicize the launch of your mobile app in as many as media channels such as blogs, newsletters, magazines and other top technology websites.

Offer anything unique: Since there are thousands of mobile applications already in the market so you should develop an entirely new product which is interesting as well as useful for the consumers. Creativity is the key. Make sure you have not developed anything which has been a replica of an existing application. However you can do modifications in an existing application and present it as more useful option in front of the consumers.

The social networking mantra: Today is the era of social networking sites. The younger generation spends a lot of time on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter so if the links to your mobile app is shared on these sites and blogs, then it is definitely going to have a big exposure.

Share on blogs: Your mobile application can get popular if you are able to catch the attention of top review bloggers. For this you will have to set up a nice blog which needs to be updated regularly.

Make a new website: You can make a new website and present your mobile app over it in such a way that it catches the attention of more and more visitors. In this website show the working of mobile app through videos and graphics. In this way people can learn more about your app. This can motivate them to buy the mobile app.


Tweeting about your mobile apps over Twitter gives the necessary exposure you want for your invention. Through this platform you are going to get plenty of attention, all for free. Since it allows only 140 characters so plan in advance what you want to say in your convincing pitch.

Use Media:

Take advantage of media by creating freely downloadable press release of your app. This release should contain high-resolution views of the product. People are very much interested in contests to win prizes so run a contest about your product and give prizes to winners.