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October 25, 2016
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December 1, 2016

Our daily digital life is unimaginable without content curation. For those who are not familiar with this term I would like to tell that it means to bring the best content at one place which is popular among the readers. You might remember the old days when we had social-bookmarking sites like Stumble-Upon, Delicious, Digg etc. These sites were used by the readers to spread a word about the curated content. The readers used to make it reachable to many persons by voting it. The same process today has been replaced by social-sharing. If your content is good then it will be liked and shared by so many readers over the social-media sites.

There are different websites like Scoop-it which allow the readers to get the best content related to their niche. One more example is Up-worthy which curates best of videos. They drive millions of traffic from social-sharing sites.

Advantages of curated content: The biggest advantage of curated content is that it saves a lot of time while you are going to spend on discovering worthy content. This also helps in making money. It can easily become a source of passive income for you.

How to execute this idea?

Set up a blog: Set up a self hosted WordPress blog to make it work as a money making system for you.

Choose the topic wisely: As morning tells the day so the topic tells what content is all about. You can write on multiple topics but it must be interesting and useful for the readers. If you want to stick to a specific niche then cover topics around that topic only to get more targeted traffic.

How to find out which topic people want to read? Analyze your Twitter account to know what kinds of keywords are hot and people want to engage in. Picking the right topic will ensure that the readers do not get bored with it.

If you have a small online business then you can easily set up a mini-curation site to drive highly-targeted traffic to your main site. Adding few lines for curation of videos can be a good idea. You can also state that why you liked this video.

There is a social-media automation tool available like Hoot-suite by which you can automate the social-media sharing. It saves a lot of time. You can take help of WordPress scheduling feature to maintain a proper posting-schedule for your posts.

Thus, we see it is a good idea to curate content at one place instead of sharing them on social-media sites. This will help the readers to find out the good stuff available at one place when they need it.