Advantages of Google Maps – Why use Google Maps

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October 19, 2016
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November 18, 2016

Do you have a small or medium sized business? Are you interested in getting more visitors via Google? If your answer is yes then try Google Maps.

Everybody who owns a business and has a website is eager to get into top ten search results on Google, hold on there is yet another way to reach there it is Google Maps. If you are present over Yellow Pages directory then the presence over Google Maps will give you an upper edge.

It is not only for those who have a website but having a listing on Google Maps is equally profitable for those business owners who don’t have a website.

You can create a new listing by logging with your Google account the registering yourself as the Business Owner. If you have not listed your company yet then just log in and create a new listing.

Add your companies full data. If you can add the logo of your company then definitely you will be given preference over other listings. If you are able to get some reviews by genuine people then definitely it is going to help you in longer run. Moreover, you can request your customers to write testimonials from your customers. You can send them a link to your listing to make things easier. Ask them to write on your Google Maps so that they can be pasted at other places also.

There are few advantages of Google Maps. They are:

3 types of Map Views

Google Maps provides 3 different types of views. A normal map view, a satellite image view and a terrain view.

Simple to use

The website is very simple to use so that even a novice user will be able to use it without extra training.

Multiple Destinations

Another advantage is that if the user needs directions that include numerous stops, Google maps easily adds a new destination to the route with a single click.

Select Travel Type

The user can easily select the type of travel when getting directions. The user can select if he is traveling by public transportation, by car or he is walking on foot.

Get Additional Useful Information

With Google Maps you can find some additional information such as current traffic load, road closures, photos of area and landmarks and weather forecasts.

Creation of Customized Maps

You can easily create a customized map for any location by adding lines and shapes to it. It can be saved to your Google account. You can take the print out of the map anytime. This is how you can utilize Google Maps to plan a holiday or when you are going to visit a new city.